A History of Innovation and Success

Dr. Timothy A. Hovanec has a long and successful history in the research and development of:

Aquatic Biology
Aquatic Filtration Systems
Aquatic Microbiology
Aquatic Chemistry

Dr. Hovanec has been granted over eight U.S. and foreign patents with additional patents pending.

An Expert in Water Quality, Filtration and Aquatic Microbiology

Dr. Hovanec has the unique capability of using science to solve your real world problems in a cost effective manner.

Industrial Experience
Culture of striped bass, hybrid striped bass, catfish
Culture of nitrifying bacteria

Research Experience
M.S. in ammonia excretion and toxicity
Ph.D. in phylogenetics and detection of nitrifying bacteria

Our Customers
◊ Public Aquaria
◊ Aquaculture Facilities
◊ Private Hobbyists